Welcome to the Bloodislow Cup! 

This tournament is currently open to 16 teams and runs on the Blood Bowl 2020 rules.

This is a great opportunity to try out Blood Bowl 2020 whilst we are waiting for the league to be upgraded to the new ruleset.

The tournament will be a 3 round tournament where ties will then be broken by Touchdowns and Casualties.

Entry is $10 and all entry money will go into the tournament prize pool.

The event will run on Sunday 23 May 2021 with limited spots available (no guarantees that more will open).

Register early so you don't miss out!

PLEASE NOTE - You do not need to print a ticket, your information is saved once paid.

The tournament will be played under the BB2020 rules.

Teams can be taken from the 2020 rulebook and the Teams of Legend pdf document Teams will be drafted using the Exhibition play rules found on p101 of the rulebook. Coaches have 1,150,000gps to build their teams from for the tournament.

Teams must have 11 players and can have up to 2 star players Each player may select one chosen primary skill at a cost of $20000 only one per player pg 72 of the rule book Players will be resurrected inbetween games Unless rolled on the kick-off table, weather will always be Perfect Conditions.

If the prayers to Nuffle table is needed due to a roll on the kick-off table players will use the Exhibition play table on page 103 of the rulebook.

Scoring will be based on W/L/D with Win = 3 pts Draw= 1 pts Loss= 0pts will include an extra point for 3 or more touch downs scored, concede 0 touch downs, causing 3 or more casualties that would generate spp.

Pg 98 of the rule book TDs scored and CAS caused as tie breakers.

The Bloodislow Cup (Blood Bowl) - Entry (1)