Release date: 29th October 2021

[WSE 5HY QS]  "Quintessential Set" The Quintessential Quintuplets


☆Product Information☆

Introducing the Quintessential Set, a pre-constructed set containing all varieties of English cards from the Quintuplets' 5 Trial Decks from the Japanese release!

Each set contains 26 guaranteed foils, inclusive of 1 guaranteed SP (out of 5 types) per set!


❈Sign Cards Information❈

Every set you purchase has a chance to contain a Sign card!

Kana Hanazawa (as Ichika Nakano)

Ayana Taketatsu (as Nino Nakano)

Miku Itou (as Miku Nakano)

Ayane Sakura (as Yotsuba Nakano)

Inori Minase (as Itsuki Nakano)



The cards in this Quintessential Set may be used together with cards with card number beginning with「5HY/」!


Parallel Cards

Every set contains 1 copy each of all 10 SRs and 15 RRRs!

Every set you purchase will contain 1 voice cast sign card! (Total of 5 types)

Each set will also contain 4 copies each of 5 types of PR cards!!!
※The inclusion of the PR cards brings the total number of cards in a set to 381. Products Specifications90 types of cards + 30 parallels361 Cards per Set (+20 PR cards, total of 381 cards per set)

The Quintessential Quintuplets "Quintessential Set" (5 Trial Deck set)

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