Recording Clan : Shadow Paladin, Tachikaze, Spike Brothers, Mega Colony

Number of card types:
All 91 types [83 new types re-recorded 8 types]
(VR: 5 types / RRR: 11 types / RR: 13 types / R: 18 types / C: 44 types)
+ ASR 3 types / SP card 36 types / special re -recording 1 Type [Parallel 40 types]
+ 1 marker card
*VR = Vanguard rare
 ASR = Another secret rare
SP clan pack All 5 types included
* Rarity when introduced at the weekly Vanga information station distributed on June 2 (Tuesday) There was an error in the number of types. Correction and apologize to.

5 types of VR (Vanguard rare) are recorded! 
"War Dragon waiting for awakening" "Phantom Blaster Overlord" "Queen Hyakujaku Dark Face Gredora" "Gem Rising Nova" "Teiryu Gaia Emperor" participation! 
Due to the popularity, SP clan pack will be included again this time! 
Introducing a pack that includes 5 types of units related to Vanguard Rare all at once in SP! 
Special Rarity "ASR (Another Secret Rare)" is here! 
"Phantom Blaster Overlord" has a special specification! Stay tuned for more details! Check 
the additional information published on the Weekly Vanga Information Bureau ! 
NewtacticsTacticsIntroducing the 3 clans running around the battlefield! 
"Tachikaze" Evolution of armed gauge fighting! 
"Spike Brothers" master all force markers! 
《Mega Colony》 Using a new markertacticsTacticsAppeared! 
The clan types are Shadow Paladin force , Tachikaze Axel , Spike Brothers force , and Mega colony protection .

[Vanguard] V-BT10 Phantom Dragon Aeon Booster

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