40k Campaign Rules


Welcome to the Sigrun Campaign

Start Date: 12 September 2020

Warhammer 9th edition
Matched play
500pts (Increasing every 4 weeks)

Each registered player will elect one Warhammer 40k faction to represent them on the battlefield.
Two weeks from the official launch of the New Warhammer 40k 9th Edition, players will need to have
a matched play army consisting of no more than 500pts. Players will then be able to challenge other
players in the competition. Throughout the course of the campaign, victory points for each army can
be accrued in a number of ways. At the end of the event, the player with the most victory points

Critical Missions
One game each campaign week can be elected to be a critical mission. Both players participating
must choose the same match to be their critical mission for that week. Following the match, both
players will receive victory points for each criteria they meet.
+2pts – for participating
+3pts – for winning
+1pt – for a draw*
Every four weeks the match sizes will increase by an additional 500 points, with the final four weeks
capping at 2000. If you find yourself falling behind regarding the acquisition or assembly of the next bracket's models,
fear not, you can still participate in critical missions each week, however the points you earn will be
halved, rounded down.

Please note, in order to promote a community atmosphere, you can not challenge the same player
two weeks in a row, you must find a different opponent. Resources will be made available to assist in
finding an opponent for the week.

*Games must be played out to their conclusion to qualify for a draw.

Crowd Favourite +5 VP
The crowd favourite bonus is a sportsmanship award. After every four weeks you elect one player
you challenged during that bracket to be your crowd favourite nominee. You are allowed one vote
and cannot vote for yourself. Note that players who have challenged more opponents will have more opportunities to earn crowd favourite votes, so it is beneficial to play as many different people
a week as possible! The crowd favourite for that bracket will receive an additional 5 victory points.
Ready for Battle +5 VP

All miniatures must be assembled to participate in critical missions, with miniatures war-gear being
as closely represented as possible. We do encourage customization and kit-bashing, however the
majority of each miniature must be an official Warhammer 40K product, and is easily recognizable as
the represented miniature. All changes or customizations must be explained to your opponent prior
to the match commencing.

The goal of this campaign is to have a fully assembled and painted army by the time the dust settles,
and a victor has been crowned. As a reward for having each bracket fully painted at the end of each
four weeks, you will receive an additional 5 victory points. To be considered painted, each model
must have at least three different paints applied to it. Basing will also be required. To ensure
balance, a miniatures level of qualification will also depend on the skill level of each player.

To register


If you’d like to take part in this campaign, registration is simple. The entry fee is $15. All you have to
do is stop by the store or send our Facebook page a message and let us know what team you’ll be selecting to represent you on the battlefield. Payment for entry can be arranged in one of two ways:

1. $15 paid in store via cash or card
2. Simply purchase or order a miniature for your army through us at Saga Games Alderley

Once you’ve registered and paid, you’re all set to play some games and start earning victory points
as soon as the campaign kicks off. It’s that easy!